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MedLabs Diagnostics

An Innovative and Unique Approach to Women’s Health

  • AMPLISwab™ is a comprehensive test created exclusively by MedLabs to assess numerous organisms responsible for a variety of female genital tract infections. MedLabs developed AMPLISwab™ to provide a customizable profile for physicians so they can create individualized treatment plans for patients swiftly and effectively.

    What Does AMPLISwab™ Detect?
  • AMPLISwab™ detects causative pathogens for:
    • Cervicitis
    • Nongonococcal urethritis
    • Pelvic inflammatory disease/infertility
    • Sexually transmitted infections (STI)
    • Vaginitis (e.g., bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and trichomoniasis)

    The AMPLISwab™ Advantage
  • AMPLISwab™ offers standard and customized high-quality profiles that provide:
    • Comprehensive results the way you need them when you need them to rapidly treat patients and improve outcomes
    • Testing for individual organisms to ensure an appropriate therapy selection, including:
      • 7 Species of Yeast
      • 12 Species of Bacteria and 1 Reference Bacteria
      • 2 Types of Herpes Virus
      • 1 Species of Parasite

    Determining Differences for Accurate Treatment:
  • Testing for individual organisms ensures accurate treatment. For instance:
    1. The presence of particular bacteria is directly associated with bacterial vaginosis whereas other organisms can only indicate vaginosis depending on the level of normal vaginal flora.
    2. There is a lack of industry consensus as to all of the direct causes for vaginitis.
    3. Different Candida species have different antifungal resistance profiles.
  • Without a comprehensive and flexible diagnostic solution, identification of and treatment for symptomatic or asymptomatic conditions can be challenging.

    Fastest Turnaround in the Industry:
  • MedLabs delivers next-day results to ensure patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible in order to improve treatment outcomes and provide relief.

    Specimen Requirements:
    • 1 APTIMA® vaginal (orange) or unisex (purple) swab
    • Refrigerated (preferred) or room temperature (acceptable) for 7 days

    Proven Methodologies to Safeguard Pinpoint Precision:
  • MedLabs only utilizes proven, comprehendible, reproducible testing methodologies. This ensures that all results are reliable and highly accurate.

    Testing methodologies include:
    • Automated DNA/RNA extraction
    • Transcription mediated amplification (TMA)
    • Real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)

    One Simple Sample Covers It All
  • AMPLISwab™ only requires one swab to test for 23 total organisms, broken down into four categories (yeast, bacteria, parasites and viruses). This includes the quantitation of select organisms implicated in bacterial vaginosis.
  • AMPLISwab™ is a proprietary product of MedLabs Genetics.
  • Tests should only be ordered when medically necessary. All tests listed may be ordered individually.

MedLabs began in 1951 with a vision to provide the highest quality and most advanced diagnostic testing services. Over the years we’ve learned that by providing the best diagnostic solutions to doctors, we help them provide the best care for their patients. We’re proud to be the diagnostics company that doctors can customize to their needs and to the needs of their patients. We are particularly proud of the fact that we are in our seventh decade of serving thousands of medical practices and their patients and we are experiencing the most dramatic changes and the fastest growth in the company’s history. This would not have been possible without the tireless and dedicated effort of the hundreds of MedLabs employees, who play a critical role in fulfilling our mission of providing the highest level of diagnostic testing and services to health care professionals and their patients each and every day.

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