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What Is AMPLISure™ Respiratory?

AMPLISure™ Respiratory is an all-inclusive nucleic acid test panel created by MedLabs for the simultaneous detection and identification of 21 respiratory viral and bacterial infections in individuals suspected to have an upper respiratory infection.

Due to the similarity of diseases caused by many viruses and bacteria, diagnosis based on clinical symptoms alone is difficult. With AMPLISure Respiratory, swift identification of potential causative agents provides the appropriate data to aid physicians in determining appropriate patient treatment.

The AMPLISure™ Respiratory Advantage

    AMPLISure™ Respiratory offers high-quality profiles for:
  • Detection of multiple infections simultaneously
  • Evaluation of higher-risk patient groups such as pediatrics, immunocompromised patients or older adults who demonstrate atypical presentations of infection
  • Proper and timely use of antibiotics
  • Proper and timely use of antiviral therapies (i.e., Tamiflu®)

How Should AMPLISure™ Respiratory Be Used?

With AMPLISure™ Respiratory, the detection and identification of specific viral and bacterial nucleic acids from individuals exhibiting signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection assists in the diagnosis of respiratory infection (if used in conjunction with other clinical and epidemiological information).

Seasonal Guideline to Testing

The majority of respiratory pathogens generally appear during the course of certain seasons (with some overlapping seasons or no peak seasons at all) in North America among varying age groups. AMPLISure™ Respiratory is a valuable tool for confirming the diagnosis of any of the pathogen infections listed in the reference chart below:

    Specimen Requirements:
  • Nasopharyngeal swab (UTM™)
  • Refrigerated (preferred) for 3 days or frozen for 30 days

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