MedLabs Diagnostics

Job Descriptions

Job ID: FL002
Department: Laboratory
Job Title: Full-Time Generalist
Location: Delray Beach
State: FL

Job Summary:

Full-Time Generalist Job Responsibilities:
  • Operate, Calibrate, QC different types of instrumentation in various departments across the laboratory.
  • Review and approve patient’s results.
  • Successfully multitask departments such as: Urinalysis, Hematology, Chemistry, Coagulation, and Microbiology.
  • Speak with physicians and/or clients discussing patient results, instrument methodologies, test selection, etc.


  • Ideal candidate would have experience reading hematology slides and performing manual differentials
  • Basic knowledge of instrumentation and common troubleshooting.
  • Experience performing microscopic review of urine sediment.
  • Ability to multitask and run various instruments in an efficient manner.
  • Phlebotomy experience a plus but not required.
  • Plating of specimens in Microbiology for all source types.

To apply for this position, please email your resume and cover letter to