MedLabs Diagnostics

Job Descriptions

Job ID: LT002
Department: Laboratory
Job Title: Medical Laboratory Technologist MLS
Location: 85 Horsehill Road, Cedar Knolls
State: NJ

Job Summary:

As a Medical Technologist, you are responsible for patient specimens from receipt in the lab, through preparation and
processing, and ultimately through data analysis and result interpretation. We utilize a number of industry leading high
throughput automation platforms, as well as classical manual methods and techniques, to obtain clinical results and medical
information for patients and clients. We operate benches in Clinical Chemistry, Toxicology, Immunology, Bacteriology, Hematology, Endocrinology, Immunohematology, and Molecular Genetics, among others. The broad range of techniques and technologies demands highly technically competent candidates.

Skills which are currently in demand:
    • Mass spectrometry technology including HPLC, ICP-MS and LC/MS/MS technology.
    • Automated Chemistry and Immunology platforms including Siemens Advia, and Siemens Centaur, Siemens Immulite.
    • Hematology, Blood Bank, Coagulation.



        The position requires a B.S. in Biology, Chemistry, Cell or Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, a degree as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, or another closely related field with sufficient credits to satisfy regulatory standards and at least one year of clinical laboratory experience. An unofficial transcript will be required with the submission of your resume to certify your degree and credit requirements.

        Work Experience:

        A strong laboratory background including either academic or industrial experience is desired. Experience in a clinical laboratory is preferred, with preference given to experience from high-volume reference laboratories. The ideal candidate has strong problem-solving, communication, and technological skills.


        Many schedules are available. Please include any preferences or scheduling requirements with your application.

        To Apply:

        To apply for this position, please forward a copy of your current resume to