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MedLabs offers you the option to pay your bill online. Our secure application allows for convenient and fast transactions using the industry standard SSL encryption. We accept payments through all major credit cards and your receipt will be emailed to you. Visit the link below to submit your payment.

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Know The Facts

Prior to your medical visit, you may want to do some research on any areas of interest you want to speak with your physician about. This research will allow you to be better prepared for your visit and give you the confidence to ask the questions that are important to you. In regards to your clinical laboratory needs, be sure to understand why your physician is ordering any test and why it's important to your health. Follow all instructions given regarding the testing and be sure to follow up with your healthcare provider to understand your results. Laboratory test results may be able to provide your physician with the data needed to rule out or confirm varying illnesses, to monitor the efficacy of a medication, to routinely monitor your health and well-being, as well as many other important pieces of information.

Preparing For Your Test

Once you and your physician decide on what tests would be appropriate, it is important to be prepared for the tests to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Some healthcare providers choose to offer their patient’s the convenience of sample collection within the office setting. This may be important when results are needed quickly. Other providers give patients an order or a prescription for laboratory tests and ask you to visit a lab location to have your sample collected. For a list of convenient MedLabs collection locations, please click here.

While many tests do not require much advanced preparation, others require certain actions prior to collection. These actions may include fasting. Fasting is very important to ensure the accuracy of certain tests. When instructed to fast, remember that it is ideal to drink plenty of water during your fasting period. Your healthcare provider or laboratory technician should provide you with any further instructions in advance of the test. It is important to follow these instructions. For fecal and urine testing it is important that you follow the specific instructions provided for proper specimen collection and integrity, which will ensure the highest quality results.

Patient Access Form

As a patient, you are able to access your test information by speaking to a MedLabs customer service representative and completing this form. To view our Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.

Patient Access Form